27 of the Best Buddha Necklaces


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Welcome to The Buddha Necklace Collection - We've compiled an awesome collection of the finest Buddha necklaces on the market today. It is believed that wearing a Buddha necklace can bring auspicious energy, wealth and health benefits as well as fend off any evil spirits - and we think they look great too! There's never been such a fantastic time to buy a Buddha necklace either for yourself or as a gift. These pendants and necklaces come in a range of materials from jade stone, obsidian gems, tiger eye, Swarovski gem stone and a more traditional gold-plated, stainless steel, or bronze. There's also a range of designs to choose from as we discuss in more detail below.

Stunning natural stone 'Tiger Eye' Buddha pendants are a great ally to your mind and body, help with releasing fear and anxiety; provides courage and self-confidence and protect against negative energies.

This Buddha head pendant necklace is an auspicious amulet for magical protection from the envious or evil eye, which represents blessings, peace and ease. Obsidian gems are said to provide courage and protection.

Vajrapāni is extensively represented in Buddhist iconography as one of the three protective deities surrounding the Buddha. Wearing a Buddha pendant necklace attracts positive energy from the supreme being.

The Laughing Buddha is the Buddha of abundance and happiness. It is cherished all over the world. He is also known as the “Buddha of Wealth”. It is believed he will bring wealth and prosperity to a home or business.

The Laughing Buddha brings good luck, contentment and abundance in one's life. The symbol of Laughing Buddha is considered to bring auspicious energy, wealth, and joyful blessings anywhere it is placed.

A high-quality 14k gold Buddha sitting on a lotus flower pendant. A wonderful piece of fine jewelry to show you’re enlightenment! Combine this glossy piece with your own unique style to your everyday fashion.

A beautiful 14k gold plated Buddha pendant with chain necklace in green, red, white, black, or blue. A fantastic unique design and delicately crafted necklace pendant.

Light up any occasion with these Beautiful 14K Gold Pendants with chain. These pendants are finished to give off more shine and luster by reflecting surrounding light.

This necklace by Swarovski features three dangling elements on a gold-tone plated chain, including a Buddha set with sparkling stones and a marvelously detailed mandala.

Whether wearing this Buddha necklace with religious intentions or not, you'll be sure to look fashionable. Symbolizing the Awakened One that is full of compassion, this Buddha pendant necklace is a truly special thing wear.

Two-tone metal pendant: stainless steel praying hand and 18k gold plated Buddha head. The Buddha pendant brings good energy to the wearer as well as looking fantastic on!

Buddha Maitreya is the Buddha of the future, also known as the Laughing Buddha, is the one to follow up the historical Buddha Sakyamuni. He waits in the Tusita heaven for the moment he is to appear on earth.

As the crystal amulet of good luck, wearing a stone charm necklace attracts positive energy from the supreme being and positive waves are emitted into the environment. Both fit for women or men. Perfect for gifts.

Buddha Pendant Necklace Material: Natural Obsidian Gemstone with String Rope Chain Necklace. Hand carved Buddha crystal gemstone pendant necklace for both men or women.

Retro Tibetan Buddhism Buddha Pendant - For those looking for an awesome Buddhist amulet necklace for men or women with a cool 24" chain - makes for a perfect gift or to wear yourself for added spiritual protection.

If you want to gift something to your special person, consider this attractive buddha pendant. Crafted in stamped 925 sterling silver, the pretty pendant is inlayed with intricate details.

Beautiful Black Buddha Pendant which is obsidian and comes with an attractive bead necklace which looks lovely and elegant on a woman or man - perfect for fashion or religion.

A fine design showcasing Buddha sitting on a lotus flower pendant. Adore with this wonderful necklace to show your enlightenment! Combine this glossy piece with your own unique style.

Benefits of stainless steel jewelry - Stainless steel jewelry is resistance to rust, oxidation and discoloration, make it ideal for long-lasting jewelry designs. It is an excellent alternative for wearers with allergies.

Wearing a Buddha pendant necklace attracts positive energy from the supreme being and positive waves are emitted into the environment. It is believed that all negativity gets shielded and destroyed by wearing this.

The Weeping Buddha symbolizes that Buddha is crying for the suffering of the World and his angst for the persistent sorrow in our lives. Holding his head in his hands, the statue signifies to share your feelings and grief.

Manjushri means "Gentle Glory" in Sanskrit. Manjushri is a Bodhisattva who represents wisdom. You will take solace in this rendition of Buddha, with a rabbit for Year of the Rabbit in which you were born.

This Buddha necklace is available in either an 18K gold plated version or a stainless steel finish depending on your taste. The chain is a 24" stainless steel chain. Looks good as a fashion piece for men or women.

This Buddha necklace connects with the rich history cultured of Chinese religion. Buddha also means “Awakened One”, someone who has awakened from the sleep of ignorance and sees things as they really are.

Bronze Buddha head pendant with gold filled necklace. Enlightened or fully awakened to the true nature of things is considered a Buddha. The important function of a Buddha is to act as a teacher and to lead others.

Buddism necklace inscribed in 24k gold with the famous 'Diamond Sutra' onto a sparkling Swarovski gemstone. The necklace is inscribed using latest technology, allowing us to write text under the surface of the gemstone.

Wearing this necklace bestows all the blessings & protection of the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra. This mantra is also known as the "Great Six Syllable Mantra" & as the Tibetan Buddhist "Mantra of Compassion."

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