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Find the Perfect Buddha Necklace

Welcome to The Buddha Necklace collection – Here you’ll find some amazing Buddhist-themed necklaces that are perfect to wear yourself if you have a great interest in Buddhist jewelry. Or, just great to buy as a gift for someone who would love a high-quality Buddha necklace, a Serenity Buddha necklace, a Dharmachakra Mudra necklace and much more!


The Buddha Necklace Collection

Dharmachakra Mudra Buddha Necklace

$35.00 $25.00

The Buddha Necklace Collection

Serenity Buddha Necklace

$50.00 $30.00

The Buddha Necklace Collection

Serenity Buddha Necklace With Wave Chain

$50.00 $40.00

The Meanings of Wearing Buddhist Jewelry

It’s turned into a fashionable thing to do to wear pieces of spiritual or religious-inspired Buddha necklace / jewelry on their bodies but many folks don’t know some of the meaning associated with what’s hanging from their person. So, in this post, we are going to look at some of those important meanings of several popular Buddha original jewelry items. Let’s take a look at some of the common items of religious jewelry and their meanings Tribal and spiritual/religious jewelry such as rings, bracelets and Buddha necklaces are made from various different materials such as a variety of metals and gem stones and each one is known to represent a certain culture, religion or even an entire civilization. Emblazoned on the center piece of each item of jewelry is often a sacred and meaningful Buddhist symbol. These amazing symbols can represent positive things such as fertility, general health and well-being, strength in victory, good luck and so on. But it’s also the art form itself in the crafting of these beautiful objects that adds an element of value to the wearer.


Religious Buddha Jewelry – Earrings

To wear a religious Buddha earring has an actual spiritual blessing on the wearer. Earrings are said to attract a divine consciousness of bliss and joy which is then distributed throughout your whole body from the head down. Don’t forget that in Buddhism, the head is most sacred part of the body and so earrings have the top spot on the body. Think of these earrings as catching the positive vibrations around your spirit and then passing that ‘juice’ to your lower body, mind and soul.

Wearing Gold Buddha Jewelry Rings

Another item of Buddha religious jewelry is the gold ring. Wearing a gold ring on your ring finger also like the earrings and the Buddha necklace as it too has a divine meaning. It is also said to attract the divine consciousness that in turn will then by creating a kind of pressure on the wearer’s finger will block out such darkness like that in black energy that may be around us. As well as this deeper spiritual meaning, there’s the kind of acupressure benefits of wearing a gold ring which is very good your overall healthy lifestyle. For men you should wear your gold ring on your right hand to obtain all of this spiritual blessing while women should choose their left hand instead.

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Wearing a Gold Buddha Necklace

The most popular of all spiritual and religious jewelry is a gold Buddha pendant on a fabulous gold necklace. In wearing a Buddhist necklace around your neck you are also attracting the positive energy that is floating around you and that’s arrived from the supreme being. These waves of positivity are emitted in and around the whole environment. In addition to this it is also said that the any negativity that may also be around you is simply destroyed by wearing a Buddha Necklace around your neck. The final cool thing about wearing a gold Buddha necklace is that you are supposed to also have an increased amount of strength which can in turn help you to battle against negative energy you may encounter.