15 of the Best Buddha Statues For Sale


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Here you’ll find an awesome selection of the best Buddha statues that are just perfect for your home but that will also make great gifts for someone you love. We’ve complied a wide selection of the best Buddha statues on the market today which will look great whether indoors or in the garden of your home. And guess what, they don’t just look great but they also add a spiritual sense of well-being to your living space too! Make sure to check out the faux weathered stone finish statues - They have a real presence in your garden.

This head of Buddha garden statue in contemplation will bring a calming presence and an Asian flair to your garden decor. This beautiful faux stone finish outdoor statue blends in easily with any natural garden decor.

Peaceful Buddha statue - sculpted with tranquil serenity, This decorative Asian art design of a sitting Buddha creates a meditative place in your indoor home or outdoor garden patio decorations.

Calming Buddha looks great in your yard or garden, or placed on your deck or porch. Interior pump keeps the water flowing - just plug it in! The soothing sounds of trickling water add zen to your outdoor garden area.

The laughing Buddha symbolize happiness, prosperity, riches, blessings and adds a touch of whimsy to any living space. This statue is hand-carved from suar wood and is approximately 8" tall x 8" wide x 5" deep.

A very cute baby Buddha ceramic statue that instantly provides positivity when someone sees it. This beautifully hand-crafted baby Buddha will receive lot of compliments from friends who visit your home.

Decorative Buddha figurine statue, in a sitting meditative pose. Features a polyresin construct giving the appearance of stone. Perfect for displaying in your garden, home, meditation space or yoga studio.

The first thing to notice about this beautiful Buddha, is the turquoise and gold ombre Lotus that sits atop his head – a unique hand painted finish, unseen on other statues. Handmade with expert craftsmanship.

With hands held in the dhyana mudra, this high quality bronze finish Thai Buddha statue decor can be the inspiration for your meditation practice and will bring a taste of Thailand into the your happy home space.

This happy-faced Buddha statue is a common symbol of joy, well-being and happiness in Feng Shui, and used to attract success and wealth. Give the gift of a happy Buddha statue, or add a touch of Zen to your own décor.

This happy praying Buddha statue is a relatively small statue at 7 x 7 x 5 inches and is made from resin. It's perfect for indoor or outdoor use and will add a sense of happiness and well-being to your home.

This Buddha statue sitting in a lotus position in deep meditation means, "Happiness is not having a lot, happiness is giving a lot." It will provide a warm and contemplative atmosphere to a home or garden.

A sculpted cold cast bronze Buddha statue with resin. Hand-painted in a bronze finish to give a high-quality look without sacrificing the details. Mudras are most commonly known as hand positions in meditation.

Add Eastern flair to any room with this sleeping Buddha statue. Offering a peaceful vibe, the statue features a classic gold finish. Introduce a needed dose of peace and tranquility with this sleeping Buddha statue.

Calmness and serenity are brought to any environment with this resin Buddha statue. Perfect for adding a soothing influence to home or office, it bears a meditative visage resembling the Buddha Shakyamuni.

This healing medicine Buddha statue has fine details and expert craftsmanship. It is said to bestow great health benefits upon those living in the household as well as happiness and a sense of giving between others.

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