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The Buddha Statue Collection


Here you’ll find an awesome selection of the best Buddha statues that are just perfect for your home but that will also make great gifts for someone you love. We’ve complied a wide selection of the best Buddha statues on the market today which will look great whether indoors or in the garden of your home. And guess what, they don’t just look great but they also add a spiritual sense of well-being to your living space too! Make sure to check out the faux weathered stone finish statues - They have a real presence in your garden.

Peaceful Buddha statues

Sculpted with tranquil serenity, our decorative Asian art designs of a sitting Buddhas create a meditative place in your indoor home or outdoor garden patio decorations. Bring an inner peace to your home with the Your Buddha Store statue collection.

Healing Medicine Buddha Statues

This healing medicine Buddha statue has fine details and expert craftsmanship. It is said to bestow great health benefits upon those living in the household as well as happiness and a sense of giving between others.

Sitting Buddha Statues

Our Buddha statues in a sitting lotus position are in a state of deep meditation which means, "Happiness is not having a lot, happiness is giving a lot." It will provide a warm and contemplative atmosphere to a home or garden.

Laughing Buddha Statues

Our happy-faced 'laughing' Buddha statues are a common symbol of joy, well-being and happiness in Feng Shui, and used to attract success and wealth. Give the gift of a happy Buddha statue, or add a touch of Zen to your own décor.