Jewelry Care

Please make sure to show your Buddha Jewelry some tender loving care! Every now and then, put a pea-sized amount of jojoba or grape seed oil on a soft cloth or paper towel and lightly oil your jewelry. Please don’t wear your jewelry in water, store it in your bathroom or keep it in other damp places as this can cause damage.

We try our best to keep our jewelry sizes as uniform as possible, but because our pieces are mostly hand crafted, we have a +/- 1 millimeter margin of error. Please allow for this difference when placing an order with us.

Our Buddha jewelry can have slight variations in color, size and design because natural materials aren’t uniform and our products are often handmade. Please note that it’s not guaranteed that your item will exactly resemble the image on the product. However, we will strive to display our products as accurately as possible, but images can be distorted by different settings on computers and phones.

Metal Jewelry

Our Buddha jewelry is strong and durable enough to stand the test of time.
Every part of our process is compliant with APP jewelry standards and global regulations. No matter what metal you choose from us, you know that its is 100% lead and nickle free. We use non-toxic all natural polishing compound instead of the traditional standard chemical polish to ensure a safe products for our clients.

Plated Jewelry

Our plated gold jewelry maintains the highest standards of production, above and beyond the strictest compliance levels, with no nickel added for adherence. With a 1-3 micron thickness of 18kt gold plating, our jewelry has historically been well above and beyond industry standard, at least double if not significantly higher. When purchasing plated jewelry the customer must understand that unlike solid gold, the plating can wear thin over time even with the thickness of the micron plating.

Stone Jewelry

Our stones are hand scoured which allows us to procure the best cuts and colors that are currently available. All natural stone inlays will have their own individual markings and striation features which can include small hollows and channels.  No pair will be a perfect match as nothing occurring in nature is, which make each pair even more unique. We strive to select a coordinating set for each stunning pair. Please be mindful how you store and travel with natural stone inlay jewelry, as they are more delicate in nature than solid materials without inlays. We are not responsible to replace any chipped or damaged stone after the heat seal has been broken.

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

Taking proper care of your plated and solid metal jewelry is very important. Keep your jewelry out of the heat, direct sunlight, fresh water, salt water, swimming pools or any chemicals. Everyday products like household cleaners, lotions, hair products or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that will permanently damage your jewelry. Even your own sweat and body PH can wear down the plating over time. Please do not use traditional jewelry cleaners on your plated jewelry, or any other chemical-filled solution, not even toothpaste. Always keep your jewelry in a jewelry box to help with the metal oxidization. Polish your jewelry lightly for a few minutes with a microfiber polishing cloth. As one of the most experienced and well known jewelry companies in the professional industry, we strive to always maintain the highest caliber product.