May health abound forever, May peace abound forever, May complete abundance abound forever, May auspiciousness abound forever, Om Peace, Peace Peace.

Welcome to Your Buddha Store

Your Buddha Store is an innovative online store offering a spiritually-inspiring collection of items and gifts that wearers will cherish forever. We take you on a spiritual journey and explore the various sources of natural energies such as Feng shui and Chakra, combined with the wisdom of traditional beliefs such as the teachings of the Buddha. Through the exploration of these worlds, we are able to offer you the best products that resonate with your life goals and ambitions.


What is our Mission?

The concept of Your Buddha Store is aligned with several main concepts: 

  • Spirituality through Meditation
  • Being an Inspiration to Yourself and Others
  • Supporting Natural Health

Within these concepts, you’ll be able to discover amazing products that inspire your mind, feed your spirit, and enlighten your life and those around you.

At Your Buddha Store, it is our unique mission to offer you the highest-quality Dharma products available that not only provide excellent support for your spiritual practice but also help empower your life. This is only possible through our extensive travel and vast spiritual experiences within Tibetan and Thai cultures, experiencing first-hand just how beautiful and powerful spiritual jewelry items can be to their wearer.

It’s our constant mission to ensure that you will gain an abundance of positive feelings of enlightenment, confidence, and emitting positive energy.

Why Shop With Us?

We offer high-quality, authentic Dharma items across a variety of inspirational collections;

  • Professional customer service through our store, via email and social media;
  • Processing times of 2-5 business days and shipping times of 10-20 business days on average;
  • Reviewed by 100s of satisfied customers.

Where to Find Us?

Please contact us in the following ways:



Your Buddha Store Head Office, 138/388 Ideo Q Phaya Thai, 138 Phaya Thai Rd, Ratchathewi, Bangkok, Thailand 10400