Natural Red Garnet Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Pixiu Adjustable Ring

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Product Description

Natural Red Garnet Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Pixiu Adjustable Ring


💕Protection & Support 💕Balance & Focus
 💕 Love & Happiness 💕 Healing & Cleansing 💕 

It is believed that garnet provides protection as well as a calming and stable vitality when worn as jewelry items. This is because it is said that garnet can purify and reactivate the chakras. It can revitalize, purify and balance energy, and bring tranquility and passion to one’s life.


Pixiu Talisman

💕Wealth & Prosperity 💕Success & Manifestation
 💕Protection & Support 💕

The Pixiu is a powerful Chinese talisman who is said to bring riches into and prevent them from leaving the home or workplace. The Pixiu is especially popular among business people and investors because It is regarded as a dominant attractor of money. The Pixiu is believed to provide six blessings, which are as follows: To bring good luck and fortune, to generate good Feng Shui or Earth luck, to enhance wealth and riches, to protect individuals and buildings against evil forces, obstacles, and hardships, and finally to brings unexpected windfalls of luck. One of the popular ways to retain a Pixiu is to wear it on a ring.



• Item Type: Natural Red Garnet Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Pixiu Adjustable Ring
• Colors: Garnet / Silver
• Gender: Unisex
• Material: Natural Red Garnet Gemstone / Solid 925 Sterling Silver
• Ring Width: 8mm Approximately
• Weight: 8g Approximately

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