Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet

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Product Description

Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet

Tiger Eye

💕Change & New Beginnings
 💕 Success & Manifestation 💕 Protection & Support 💕 

Tiger Eye is a stone that is believed to help release your fears, anxieties, and self-loathing as well as unlock your hidden talents. It’s also said to provide you with courage, the strength of mind, and the self-confidence to tackle anything that comes your way. Moreover, it serves as the spiritual compass that guides you towards your goals, helping you harness the powers of the universe in whatever you set out to do, whether it's matters of the heart or your biggest career ambitions.


• Item Type: Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone Bracelet
• Colors: Tiger Eye
• Gender: Unisex
• Material: Natural Tiger Eye Gemstone
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